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Docker Container for Contao CMS
Full Description

Contao Docker Container

  • Based on CentOS 7
  • Apache 2.4 (event)
  • PHP 7.2
  • Preinstalled composer
  • Auto-adjust DocumentRoot for Contao 4
  • Configured for Contao CMS
  • Ability to change UID of Apache
  • Init system based on S6
  • Includes some useful tools and presets like git, curl, bashrc and vimrc
  • Xdebug (disabled by default), Imagemagick, php-(bcmath,intl,json,mbstring,mcrypt,mysql,snmp,soap,xml)


// Start MySQL/MariaDB first
sudo docker run --rm --name mysql \
  -v $HOME/contao/_db:/var/lib/mysql \

// take contao installation from $HOME/contao/contao
sudo docker run --rm --name contao \
  -v $HOME/contao/contao:/var/www \
  --link mysql:mysql \
  -p 80:80 \
  -e RUN_UID=$UID \
  -e XDEBUG=true \
  -e PHP_VALUE=max_execution_time=90,memory_limit=512M \

// enter the Container
sudo docker exec -ti contao bash
root at 53e71dbf4adc in ~ su apache
root at 53e71dbf4adc in /var/www ~ composer create-project contao/standard-edition website

// if permission problems occour change owner
root at 53e71dbf4adc in ~ chown -R apache /var/www

// or managed edition
root at 53e71dbf4adc in /var/www ~ composer create-project contao/managed-edition website

root at 53e71dbf4adc in /var/www ~ mv website/* website/.gitignore .
// Restart Container to detect Contao 4


Use Environment Variables for Configuration

  • TIMEZONE=America/New_York Adjust the timezone (Default: Europe/Berlin)
  • RUN_ID The UID of internal apache User. Set it to your local UID to prevent file access problmes while developing.
  • XDEBUG=true Enable xdebug (disabled by default)
  • PHP_VALUE / PHP_ADMIN_VALUE Overwrite arbitrary PHP settings: eg max_execution_time=90,memory_limit=512M


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