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Calvin - Making things talk
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Provides a busybox container with Calvin setup and ready to use. The aim is to provide a small but complete latest stable release Calvin runtime container. A development version (which includes git, test frameworks etc) is in pskarin/calvin-dev. The current container runs Python 2.7. Eventually, this container will introduce such developments as MicroPython but Python 3 is w.i.p. for Calvin.

Issues and Limitations

  • i386 build does not work, the current container is for x86_64.
  • Test code and frameworks are included and will be until we have a stable release passing all tests.
  • Archive is put in /root and installed manually (not through buildroot). This does not efffect the user of the container other than a very minimal size bump and perhaps some headscratching. Slated to change with stable release and possibly earlier.

Test results

Result of "essential" test suite:

54 passed, 3 skipped, 74 deselected, 2 xfailed, 2 xpassed, 1 error

Should be

54 passed, 75 deselected, 2 xfailed, 2 xpassed, 4 warnings

Result of "not slow" test suite:

 2 failed, 84 passed, 8 skipped, 35 deselected, 3 xfailed, 3 xpassed, 1 error

Should be

 87 passed, 5 skipped, 35 deselected, 3 xfailed, 3 xpassed, 4 warnings
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