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node-sonos-http-api built to run in Docker on Synology NAS. See full description for details.
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This is a node-sonos-http-api built to run on Synology NAS and built from Refer to for descriptions and links to config file examples.

I am running a Synology 1815+ and DSM 6.0-7321.

On the Synology NAS, create a folder on your shared volume called "docker/sonos". Copy settings.json and presets.json in the folder. Create a subfolder "docker/sonos/cache". This folder will be used to store cached tts files and they will persist when the container is stopped, removed and restarted.

You can start the container from command line by entering

sudo docker run --name=sonos --net=host --restart=always --volume /volume1/docker/sonos/presets.json:/opt/app/presets.json --volume /volume1/docker/sonos/settings.json:/opt/app/settings.json --volume /volume1/docker/sonos/cache:/opt/app/static/tts -d psmith/synology-docker-node-sonos-http-api

You can also create a script that can be used to kill, remove and restart the container at boot up and also if you want to restart the container on a schedule. I have mine restart every night at 1:45am.

That script would look like this:

docker kill sonos
docker rm sonos
docker run --name=sonos --net=host --restart=always --volume /volume1/docker/sonos/presets.json:/opt/app/presets.json --volume /volume1/docker/sonos/settings.json:/opt/app/settings.json --volume /volume1/docker/sonos/cache:/opt/app/static/tts -d psmith/synology-docker-node-sonos-http-api

You can create a task on the Synology Task Scheduler in the Control Panel that references this script.

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