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Docker container for a simple CSV powered OpenRefine style reconciliation service
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Simple container that runs a Reconcile-CSV service to support fix matching/reconciliation against a reference CSV file.


  • docker run --name reconmp -p 8001:8000 -d psychemedia/docker-reconciliation runs the container against a reference data set of information about UK MPs
  • docker run --name recon2 -p 8001:8000 -v /path/to/mydir:/tmp/import -d psychemedia/docker-reconciliation sh -c 'java -jar reconcile-csv-0.1.1.jar /tmp/import/MYFILE.csv SEARCHCOL IDCOL' will run the service against /path/to/mydir/MYFILE.csv with identifiers in IDCOL and the fuzzy search targets in SEARCHCOL.

Then eg boot2docker ip to get the IP address of the service - eg then the service endpoint is at Test with eg Cameroon


I thought I should be able to link an OpenRefine container to the reconciliation service, eg using something like docker run --name openrefiner -p 3335:3333 --link reconmp:reconmp -P -d psychemedia/openrefine, but I can't seem to find a URL that works to register the service in OpenRefine. (In the above example, OpenRefine would be at I can register the reconciliation service via but not by something like reconmp:8000/reconcile, which I was hoping I would be able to do?)

The Dockerfile really should be a base file that doesn't reference a particular dataset? That way, we could build on it for Dockerfiles that generate images containing other reference datasets?

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