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rabbitmq Dockerfile

This repository contains Dockerfile of rabbitmq for Docker's automated build published to the public Docker Hub Registry.

Base Docker Image


  1. Install Docker.

  2. Download automated build from public Docker Hub Registry: docker pull puckel/docker-rabbitmq

Alternatively, you can build an image from Dockerfile

RabbitMQ Admin Interface

The web UI is located at: http://container-ip:15672/
The HTTP API and its documentation are both located at: http://container-ip:15672/api/ (or view our latest HTTP API documentation here).
You can download rabbitmqadmin at: http://container-ip:15672/cli/

login/pass = guest/guest by default

See "Configuration" to create a custom user/pass/(vhost)


This configuration use all default configuration from RabbitMQ, except this:

  • set ulimit -S -n 65536 on startup
  • some plugins are enabled

You can set environment variable to automaticately create a user/pass and associate a vhost (optional) :


/!\ This user became the new "admin" (guest user is deleted at startup)

Enabled plugins

  • rabbitmq_mqtt
  • rabbitmq_stomp
  • rabbitmq_management
  • rabbitmq_management_agent
  • rabbitmq_management_visualiser
  • rabbitmq_federation
  • rabbitmq_federation_management
  • sockjs

Exposed Port

  • AMQP: 5672
  • (admin)Management interface: 15672
  • epmd: 4369
  • inet_dist_listen_min through inet_dist_listen_max ranges: 9100, 9101, 9102, 9103, 9104, 9105


Default :

    docker run -d \
        --name rabbitmq \
        -p 15672:15672 \
        -p 5672:5672 \

Create user/pass/vhost :

    docker run -d \
        --name rabbitmq \
        -p 15672:15672 \
        -p 5672:5672 \
        -e RABBITMQ_VHOST=myvhost \
        -e RABBITMQ_USER=myuser\
        -e RABBITMQ_PASSWORD=mypassword \
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