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Running pulp-admin as a Docker container

The pulp-admin client may be run as a container.


  1. The ~/.pulp directory will be mounted when the container is run. Add the pulp server hostname and any other configuration values to ~/.pulp/admin.conf. If the pulp server SSL certificate is not CA-signed use verify_ssl = false.

     host =
     verify_ssl = true
  2. Pull the pulp-admin image

     docker pull pulp/pulp-admin
  3. Create a directory for uploads for the output of docker save, for example, /tmp/pulp_uploads/. This will be mapped to the container so local files may be uploaded from the container. Use this in the next step.

  4. Create an alias for pulp-admin. For example, update your $HOME/.bashrc file with the line below and run source $HOME/.bashrc.

     alias pulp-pulp="sudo docker run --rm -t -v $HOME/.pulp:/.pulp -v /tmp/pulp_uploads/:/tmp/pulp_uploads/ pulp/pulp-admin"


  • based on centos image
  • adds pulp_docker plugin
  • The --rm flag adds about 4 seconds to runtime but will remove the container when complete.
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