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My little SQL honeypot
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SQL HoneyPot


A read-only honeypot that gets pwned easily.
I use it to track automated behaviours, harvest common requests and detect patterns.
Once an user has given me enough data, he wins a permanent IP ban.

Project Status

I won't be updating this project, I just wanted to open-source it.

It sould not be valuable anyway, so .... who cares? :D


  • Read only database using SQLite
  • Detects wrong amount of lines or strange values, thanks to Reproducible Builds™
  • Uses Docker! Uses Node.js! Uses SQLite! Doesn't use Bitcoin yet :cry:


To install:

$ docker run --rm --name my-honeysql -d -p punkeel/honeysql

This exposes an HTTP server on your local address, port 9000. Feel free to redirect requests to it :-)

To follow the logs in real-time:

$ docker logs -f my-honeysql
npm info it worked if it ends with ok
npm info using npm@3.10.10
npm info using node@v6.10.2
npm info lifecycle honeysql@0.0.1~prestart: honeysql@0.0.1
npm info lifecycle honeysql@0.0.1~start: honeysql@0.0.1

> honeysql@0.0.1 start /usr/src/app
> node index.js

Unexpected rows.length:20, expected 1 with id=<1 or id<20> from ::ffff:
Unexpected rows.length:1000, expected 1 with id=<1 or 1> from ::ffff:

To stop it: (you shouldn't, really. HoneySQL is great for your health.)

$ rm -rf /

If the latter command did not work, try this one:

$ docker stop my-honeysql
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