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An image for running a Puppet Server standalone (ie. not connected to a PuppetDB instance)
Full Description

The Dockerfile for this image is available in the Puppetserver repository under the 'docker/puppetserver-standalone' directory.

You can run a copy of Puppet Server with the following Docker command.

docker run --name puppet --hostname puppet puppet/puppetserver-standalone

Although it is not strictly necessary to name the container puppet, this is useful when working with the other Puppet images, as they will look for a master on that hostname by default.

If you would like to start the Puppet Server with your own Puppet code, you can mount your own directory at /etc/puppetlabs/code.

docker run --name puppet --hostname puppet -v ./code:/etc/puppetlabs/code/

You can find out more about Puppet Server in the official documentation.

See the examples repository for fully worked examples, or the pupperware repository for running a full Puppet stack using Docker Compose.

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