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Allure report generating box
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Allure report box

A simplish container aimed at generating allure reports in a unifor way and displaying them


  • run container with docker run -p <myport>:80 pupssman/allure-box http://how.i.will.expose.container:<myport>/ -- container listens on HTTP port 80 inside, you should expose it somehow and pass the exposed base URL as a launch parameter
  • send POST request with multipart/form-data body of report's files to /generate handle of the container
  • receive back JSON similar to {"result": "OK", "url": "<myport>/3/output/index.html"}
  • navigate your browser to said URL and examine the report

Minimalistic python client

This serves as an example for a simple client to this container. With little work it can be reduced to a bash-usable one-liner.

In [13]: import os

In [14]: import requests

In [15]: d = '/trash/areports/'

In [17]: print'http://localhost:8083/generate', files={f: open(os.path.join(d, f), 'rb').read() for f in os.listdir(d) if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(d, f))}).json()['url']

Running tests

  • install pytest and requests python packages
  • build and deploy container as in Usage
  • run py.test --boxurl=<container_endpoint_url>
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