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Spark Virtual Machine for CSE255 and DSE230.
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Instead of downloading spark, we HIGHLY recommend you use this virtual machine for doing all the spark exercises in this course. Not only is this much easier to install, it guarantees that your installation will run exactly like the machine that will be used to grade your homework.

First, you must install docker. Windows users, instead of installing docker install docker toolbox. Follow this link for installation instructions:

Next, download the CSE255-DSE230 github directory to some location on your computer.
ex: /usr/you/CSE255-DSE230
Then run the following following line of code in your terminal (first time might take a while).

docker run -it -p 8888:8888 -v /usr/you/CSE255-DSE230:/CSE255-DSE230 pupster90/cse255-dse230 /bin/bash

Notice the terminal has changed, you are now inside a virtual machine. Run the following commands to start jupyter at http://localhost:8888

cd /CSE255-DSE230
jupyter notebook

Now you can view notebooks and work on homework. Whatever changes you make will also happen to /usr/you/CSE255-DSE230. So when it comes time to submit homework, just copy the files from there.

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