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Kubernetes flexVolume driver and dynamic provisioner for Pure Storage FlashArrays
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Installation instructions

Step 1 : Download and extract release-package

$ curl | tar xvz

This will extract a bunch of yaml configuration files and an install script in a pure-k8s-1.2.4 directory.

Step 2: Setup FlashArray configuration in pure.json

Edit deploy/pure.json, and enter in information for your FlashArray.

         "MgmtEndPoint": "",
         "APIToken": "661f9687-0b1e-7b0d-e07d-1e776d50f9eb"

Here MgmtEndPoint is the VIP for your FlashArray, and APIToken is the api token obtained by running pureadmin list --api-token --expose on FlashArray.

Step 3: Run the installer

Run cd pure-k8s-1.2.4; ./ --install to start the installation. For extra configuration, see and also --help

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