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Kubernetes flexVolume driver and dynamic provisioner for Pure Storage FlashArrays
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Pure Storage Kubernetes Plugins

Pure's storage plugins for kubernetes are composed of two software
modules contained within the purestorage/k8s Docker image:

  • A provisioner for creating/deleting volumes
  • A "flexvolume" driver for enabling access to volumes (ACLs, mounts etc)

Automated install via Helm (officially supported method)

See and specifically the
pure-k8s-plugin in

Running Pure's Dynamic Provisioner and Flex Volume Daemon Manually

These steps are to be performed by a cluster operator to
install and activate the dynamic provisioner for Pure.

The high level steps include:

  • Create a ClusterRoleBinding which allows the provisioner to interact with the
    kubernetes cluster
  • Create a ConfigMap for the pure-provisioner with configuration information specifying which arrays to manage.
  • Create a Deployment running the pure-provisioner
  • Create a StorageClass which will allow usage of the pure-provisioner
    from PersistentVolumeClaims
  • Create a DaemonSet which runs the pure-flex-daemon to install the pure-flex plugin to each kubelet node.


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