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Buildbot CI Docker Images

Buildbot Master

This container is pretty simple. It exports one volume, /master, which
will be initialized with a default Buildbot configuration if empty. You will
need to edit master.cfg afterwards. Otherwise, the existing configuration
is automatically upgraded before Buildbot is started.

Two ports are exposed:

  • 8010: Buildbot web interface
  • 9989: Buildbot slave-control RPC interface

Due to the unencrypted nature of Buildbot control connections, you may want
to firewall 9989 in some fashion.

Buildbot Slave

This image is based on jpetazzo/dind ("Docker in Docker"), to permit running
builds within temporary Docker containers. As such, it is important to run the
container with the --privileged flag:

docker run --privileged -d \
        -e \
        -e SLAVE_NAME=myslavename \
        -e SLAVE_PASSWD=mysecret \
        --name=buildbot-slave purism/buildbot-slave

There is no need for volumes in this image, as all state is contained in
environment variables set at run time.

Required Environment Variables

The container will fail to start if these are unset.

  • MASTER: "host:port" combination of the master to connect to
  • SLAVE_NAME: name of the slave, as configured in the master
  • SLAVE_PASSWORD: password for the slave, as configured in the master

Optional Variables

It is recommended but not required to set SLAVE_ARGS and SLAVE_ADMIN.

  • SLAVE_ARGS: Extra commandline options to pass to buildslave
  • SLAVE_ADMIN: "Name <email>" of the admin of the slave
  • SLAVE_DESCRIPTION: Short text description of the slave
  • DOCKER_DAEMON_ARGS: extra arguments to pass to the inner Docker daemon
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