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Nginx SSL Terminator

Simple container for terminating SSL infront of an application.

Getting Started

I'll leave production deployment up to you, but this is how to get this running locally.


You'll need to install boot2docker if you're using OS X or Windows, or
docker if you're using Linux.

Running it

This container has 3 environment variables

  • SSL_KEY_PATH - A path to an SSL key
  • SSL_CRT_PATH - A path to an SSL Certificate (can be a pem of your certificate and intermediaries).
  • UPSTREAM - A host and port without protocol (for example

If SSL_KEY_PATH or SSL_CRT_PATH are missing it will generate a self signed SSL certificate.

You might run it something like this

docker run \
      --name ssl-term \
      -v /my/secrets:/certs \
      -e  SSL_KEY_PATH=/certs/example.key \
      -e  SSL_CRT_PATH=/certs/example.crt \
      -e \

Or like this to generate a self signed certificate

docker run \
      --name ssl-term \
      -e \

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