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A Discord bot that watches for streams.
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Streambot 2000 is a Discord bot that watches for Twitch streams of specific games.


Streambot 2000 uses patent-pending REST API technology to interface with Twitch.
A queue is periodically iterated, in order to not thrash, and when
streams are noticed that are newer than the last newest stream seen, we push
a message over to Discord.

Can I use this?


You can run your own instance by getting Twitch and Discord API keys, running
MongoDB and Redis, and running the Discord bot. However, all of that is out of
the scope of this README.

In the future, the bot will probably be public.


Streambot 2000 is written in pure Go and will certainly compile on Windows,
Mac OS X and Linux. If not, that's a bug. It should work fine on Go 1.6+,
however, it is always recommended that you use the latest version of Go.


There are a few environment variables to set:

  • DISCORD_TOKEN: Your Discord Bot token.
  • TWITCH_TOKEN: Your Twitch.TV API token (NOT a stream key.)
  • REDIS_ADDR: Address of a Redis server.
  • MONGO_URI: URI of a MongoDB server.

Once that's all good, you should be able to join the bot to a server and start
playing around.

There are only a few commands thusfar:

!streambot about
!streambot help
!streambot games add Game
!streambot games remove Game
!streambot language en-US

Have fun!
-- john

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