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Container with tools for video streaming.
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Streaming Container

Container with tools for video streaming.

License: according to in the root directory of the PX4 Firmware repository

There multiple Docker images built from this repository:

For ARM hardware: px4io/gstreamer:raspbian-jessie

This should run on any armhf computer with compatible kernel.

For x64 hardware: px4io/gstreamer:ubuntu-trusty

Tested hardware


  • Odroid U3 (Ubuntu)
  • Raspberry PI 2 (Ubuntu, Hypriot)


  • C920
  • Raspberry PI camera


TODO: usage description, or link to PX4 wiki

Stream to target host:

sudo docker run --privileged --rm px4io/gstreamer:raspbian-jessie 5544

(Change image according to platform)

To specify stream settings use the following form:

sudo docker run --privileged --rm px4io/gstreamer:raspbian-jessie 5544 1280 720 24 1000000


The containers were built with the following commands:

docker build -t px4io/gstreamer:raspbian-jessie -f DockerfileRaspbian .
docker build -t px4io/gstreamer:ubuntu-trusty -f DockerfileUbuntu .

# Not used ATM. Works too but needs prebuilt GStreamer binaries, where as the other ones have managed repos.
#docker build -t px4io/gstreamer:armhf-ubuntu-trusty -f DockerfileArmhfUbuntu .


  • built on x64 (with QEMU for ARM containers)
  • see the scripts directory for installation procedures
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