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PX4 raspberry pi build image
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PX4 Development Container

Containers with PX4 tool chain and SITL simulation support. With and without ROS.

License: according to in the root directory of the PX4 Firmware repository

Container Hierarchy

  • px4-dev-base
    • px4-dev-nuttx
    • px4-dev-simulation
      • px4-dev-ros
    • px4-dev-raspi
    • px4-dev-snapdragon
    • px4-dev-clang
      • px4-dev-nuttx-clang


If you like to run the container and use the Firmware source from outside, use the following command and specify the appropriate volume mapping for your machine.

docker run -it --privileged \
    -v <local_src>:<container_src>:rw \
    -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:ro \
    -e DISPLAY=:0 \
    --name=container_name px4io/px4-dev-simulation /bin/bash


docker build -t px4io/px4-dev-base -f Dockerfile_base .
docker build -t px4io/px4-dev-nuttx -f Dockerfile_nuttx .
docker build -t px4io/px4-dev-raspi -f Dockerfile_raspi .
docker build -t px4io/px4-dev-simulation -f Dockerfile_simulation .
docker build -t px4io/px4-dev-ros -f Dockerfile_ros .

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