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FTP server with passive mode support
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Docker FTP Server

Supports passive mode. Based on Docker Pure-ftpd Server.


  • Passive mode support with ports 30000-30009
  • Public IP/hostname in $FTP_PUBLIC_HOST
  • Can adjust connections limits via environmental variables
  • Configuration and storage as Docker volumes
  • Sample docker-compose.yml

How to add user

Uses virtual users (not real linux users).

  1. Open container terminal
  2. pure-pw useradd bob -u ftpuser -d /home/ftpusers/bob
  3. pure-pw mkdb

No restart should be needed. More info on usage here:

Connection test

  1. $ ftp -p localhost 21
  2. ftp> user bob
  3. ftp> ls

Restoration from backup

Container can be backed up and restored using dockup image. Stored files must have correct ownership ftpuser:ftpgroup, otherwise FTP write fails on permissions.

  1. get into the container docker exec -t [containerid] bash
  2. cd /home/ftpusers
  3. chown ftpuser:ftpgroup -R *


  • Does not support TLS (needs configuration)
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