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AWS EC2 command line interface.
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AWS EC2 CLI Docker image

Run with docker run -ti pyotr777/aws.
Inside container run aws ec2 ... commands. Use aws ec2 help for reference.
Use shortcut command aws*.
See available shortcuts with awshelp.

Shortcut Commands

The following shortcut commands are available.

  • awsassignip

    Assign elastic (fixed) IP address to EC2 instance.
    Usage: awsassignip <instance id or tag Name> <Elastic IP address>.

  • awshelp

    List available shortcut commands.

  • awsip

    Show assigned IP address of EC2 instance.
    Usage: $(basename $0) <instance id or tag Name>.

  • awsipls

    List Elastic IP addresses.

  • awsls

    List instances IDs, tag "Name" values and instance states (running, stopped, pending,...).
    With -s option prints only instance IDs and tag "Name" value.

  • awsrun

    Create and launch a new instance.
    Usage: awsrun <launch parameters json file> [<tag>].
    JSON file must be created beforehand with aws ec2 run-instances --generate-cli-skeleton ... command. For details refer to
    If <tag> argument given, the new instance will be tagged.

  • awsstart

    Start stopped instance.
    Usage: awsstart <instance id or tag Name>.

  • awsstop

    Stop running instance.
    Usage: awsstop <instance id or tag Name>.

  • awstag

    Assign instance a tag with name "Name".
    Usage: awstag <instance ID> <tag value>.

  • awsterminate

    Terminate (delete) one or more instances.
    Usage: awsterminate <instance id or tag Name> [<instance id or tag Name> ...]


Most shortcut commands accept tags as well as EC2 instance IDs as arguments, but only tags with name "Name". EC2 tags have names and values. For details refer to
To give EC2 instance a tag "Name" use: awstag <ID> <tag>.

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