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OBDII software simulator

It simulates the most common parameters.
Params like how fast you're going, how fast the engine's going, the air flow into the engine, the throttle position... everything.

Running the daemon

docker run -d --name obdsim -v /dev/pts:/dev/pts qapps/obdsim [params]

####available params:

[-g|--generator=<name of generator>
   [-d|--customdelay=<ecu delay(ms)>]
[-q|--logfile=<logfilename to write to>]
[-V|--elm-version=<pretend to be this on ATZ>]
[-D|--elm-device=<pretend to be this on AT@1>]
[-p|--protocol=<OBDII protocol>]
[-c|--launch-screen] ["EXIT" or C-a,k to exit]
[-t|--tty-device=<real /dev/ entry to open>]
[-k|--socket=<listen port>]
[-e|--genhelp=<name of generator>]
[-v|--version] [-h|--help]

####The generators built into this sim:

"Cycle" (default)

After installation you can use an any app to connect to obd simulator through /dev/pts/N


$ picocom /dev/pts/7
> 0100
41 00 FF FF FF FF
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