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Maven Images
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Maven Image


docker run[ -v <.m2>:/.m2][ -v <src>:/src] qasymphony/maven:<version> [options]


A Java image that has Maven installed. The setting and source directories can be mounted to /.m2 and /src. The default command is mvn. All the none executable parameters will be passed as mvn parameters.


  • /.m2 user setting and local repository directory that provides settings.xml file and repository storage
  • /src the source directory with pom.xml file for Maven to build from

Environment Variables

  • M2_HOME installation location, default to /usr/local/maven. This is for internal use only and should not be passed in docker run.


  • Maven is installed in /usr/local/maven with symbolic links created in /usr/local/bin
  • The entry point will check if the first parameter is an executable command and run that command instead of mvn. Thus, we can start a shell by typing
    docker run[ -v <.m2>:/.m2][ -v <src>:/src] qasymphony/maven:<version> /bin/bash
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