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Lightweight continuous deployment.
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Docker Agent

Docker Agent is a lightweight continuous deployment tool, perfect for dev and stage (single server) environments. Simply push your code to Github or Bitbucket and watch your app being deployed magically!

How to use

Start mongo:

$ docker run --name mongo -d mongo

Start agent:

$ docker run --name agent-deploy \
--link mongo \
-e C_APPNAME=<app_name> \
-e C_APPKEY=<app_key> \
-e C_APPBRANCH=<app_branch> \
-e STATUS_TO_CHECK=waiting,error \
-v <path_to_app>:/r
-v <path_to_private_key>:/root/.ssh/key \
-it --rm qazs/docker-agent

You can run docker agent in the background using -d.


Log file can be found at <path_to_app>/docker-agent.<app_name>.log


  • C_APPNAME is the unique job name. Do not confuse with your repository name.
  • C_APPBRANCH (Optional) is the repository's branch to check for. Defaults to 'master'.
  • If your repository is public, you may omit this line -v <path_to_private_key>:/root/.ssh/key \.


Create your own workflow by adding more agents.

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