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A fluffy engine for XDU 2017 fall SS SPM final exam.

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Get Quick Start

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First step is pull the images.

The images include:

  • qinka/fluffy:fluffy-latest
  • postgtrs:latest
  • haskell:latest

You can pull them from Docker Hub or other mirror sites with commoands:

docker pull qinka/fluffy:fluffy-latest
docker pull postgres:latest
docker pull haskell:latest

The image fluffy:fluffy-latest is the back-end.
It need a PostgreSQL database(image postgres).
The image haskell is used to run the scripts to upload data from *.docxs.

Second step is run the images.

You can run it via docker-compose, or just run the command one-by-one.
The key idea is fluffy need to be linked with database.

The following is the example running with shell command one-by-one.

Create and run the PostgreSQL image: postgres:latest :

docker run -d --name fluffy-db -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=fluffypassword postgres

The detail can be found on Docker Hub - postgres.

Create and run the Fluffy image: qinka/fluffy:fluffy-latest:

docker run -d -name fluffy-be --link fluffy-db:db -p 3000:3000 fluffy -c "fluffy 3000 host=db port=5432 user=postgres password=fluffypassword"

Then you can visit host-of-docker:3000, and the home page will be shown.

(optional for haskell image)

To update the data to database with script, you also need
a container with haskell's image.
So you can run:

docker run -d --name fluffy-haskell --link fluffy-db:db

Third step is import the data into database with script.

You need firstly initialize the sql table to PostgreSQL database.
Run :

docker exec -it fluffy-db /bin/bash

and then you will connect with container which host database.
After connected with that database, run the psql to connect with the database
and initialize it with sql script:




Custom with Docker file


Custom via add file to container


Docker Pull Command