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Collabtive Groupware 2.0 Image
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Docker Image that provides the Collabtive Groupware in Version 2.0 (

Login is (admin/admin).

docker run --privileged -d -v /dev/urandom:/dev/urandom \
           -v /dev/random:/dev/random -v /dev/null:/dev/null \
           -p 8181:80 qnib/collabtive

Common Issue Github Issue about it

If you got the following error message while starting

Unable to find image ' -v' locally

please check the linebreaks within your command. This just means that the bash discovered the -v as an argument and not an option.
The docker CLI treats the first argument as the docker image to be started.

The DB-Passwords are randomized within the Image, who cares about them, right?
Missing piece is the backup script. Github Issue about that

Please open issues instead of commenting here... :)
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