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The base image, provides the base dependancies for is an custombuild monitoring solution.

Due to the nature of our product, lots of long running processes and an potential high number of updates, these images will only contain the per service needed dependancies to run the monitoring solution.

Shared binaries and settings are shared and updated seperately, to allow updates with an minimum impact on running processes / users. This will allow for an predictable environment to devellop on multiple environments in an uniform maner and replicate / share updates / features with an minimum impact.

The management servers require, depending on the size of the environment, an stable and performant disk and network layer. For the diskio, the with the -v localdisk:mappedDisk mappings are prefered. For the networking part, we prefer "--net host" setting, at least for the qr-starter containers. The cgi container may be acces via an reverse proxy.

For more information contact us on the below email address.

Bernard van de Koppel

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