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Meteor on node 5.12
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Docker Seed Images

This repo contains few custom docker seed images.

Summary of images

Name Description
alpine:latest Fix wget in alpine:latest
jq:latest jq on alpine .. alpine packages
meteor: Custom meteor on node 5.12
mongo:3.2 Install curl on mongo:3.2
mongo:3.4 Install curl on mongo:3.4
mongo-connector:2.3 Install mongo-connector 2.3 and correspondant depedencies on python 3.4
mongo-connector:2.5 Install mongo-connector 2.5 and correspondant depedencies on python 3.4
serverless:latest Installs the latest serverless node module on node 6


  • Build an image:
docker build -t quadric/<name[:build]> <./context>
  • Push an image:
docker push quadric/<name[:build]>


  • Builds all images locally
  • Pushes all images to quadric docker hub organization


The images runs mongo-connector
It uses configuration file with the path in variable: MONGO_CONNECTOR_CONFIG_FILE_PATH defaulting to /mongo-connector.config.json
You can configure it either by sending the file as a volume, or create another image based on this and copy your config file to this path

Or set environment variable MONGO_CONNECTOR_CONFIG, this should contain a stringified config file
If the file doesn't exist and the MONGO_CONNECTOR_CONFIG exists, I'll write it's content to the MONGO_CONNECTOR_CONFIG_FILE_PATH and start mongo-connector!

For the healthcheck I check the file in MONGO_CONNECTOR_OPLOG_FILE_SYMLINK_PATH which defaults to/symlink-oplog.timestamp to contain the MONGO_REPLICA_SET_NAME
and in the run script I read the config file (before running) and set a symlink from the previous healthcheck path to the oplogfile path

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