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Data analysis and machine learning with python 3
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Machine Learning with Python

Docker Image quantmind/pyml
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Created by Quantmind

Data analysis and machine learning with python 3.


docker pull quantmind/pyml
docker run --rm --name pyml -it quantmind/pyml bash

To show packages installed:

docker run --rm quantmind/pyml python

Contains Python 3.6.1 with the following libraries.

Math & statistics

Processing & Parsers


Machine Learning

  • scikit-learn - data analysis and manipulation in python
  • keras - high-level neural networks API for tensorflow or theano
  • theano - evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently
  • tensorflow - numerical computation using data flow graphs
  • vowpal wabbit - fast online learning code
  • XGBoost - optimized distributed gradient boosting library
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