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Shiny server : use to host and manage shiny application (R - powered web application)
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Docker container for shiny server

"A web application framework for R"

"Turn your analyses into interactive web applications"

Shiny server: use to host and manage shiny application (R - powered web application)

Install dependencies

To install docker in Ubuntu 14.04 use the commands:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ wget -qO- | sh

To install docker in other operating systems check docker online documentation


To run container use the command below:

$ docker run -d -p 3838:3838 quantumobject/docker-shiny

To run the container with your own Shiny applications located in a directory on
your system, expose that directory path to the Shiny server inside the container:

$ docker run -d -p 3838:3838 -v <LOCAL DIRECTORY PATH>:/srv/shiny-server quantumobject/docker-shiny

When modified or adding files to \<LOCAL DIRECTORY PATH\> you need to restart the container to allow it to change the files to the right ownership and permission.

Accessing the Shiny Server applications:

After that check with your browser at addresses plus the port 3838 :

To access it , configured and edit files inside of the container :

$ docker exec -it container-id /bin/bash

note : it was created by using quantumobject/docker-baseimage and installing the package R and Shiny-server from . RStudio is a trademark of RStudio, Inc.

More Info

About Shiny Server:

To help improve this container docker-shiny

Shiny Server Administrator's Guide

Example of Shiny Server

For additional info about us and our projects check our site

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4 months ago

Update to last version, Let me know of any problem with it at

2 years ago

docker-shiny is awesome, we can create a shiny server quickly on any linux device with aws or other clouds. Thanks a lot for angelrr7702!
I have created lots shiny app on my cloud by only-one-click!

2 years ago

Update to the last version .

3 years ago

You can : docker exec -it container_id /bin/bash to access the container .. and them cut and paste.

or try to copy the data from local server to the container using the filesystem of the container that is mounted at /var/lib/docker/…. please check google for location for your OS …

3 years ago

Thanks for the docker .

How do I copy my shiny application in the path /srv/shiny- server/?

3 years ago

Ready to be use .. let me know of any problem with it at