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A proof of concept docker for transmart
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A proof of concept docker for transmart


This work is only a proof of concept, and should only be used for testing purposes.
It is not distributed by the Transmart foundation nor by the eTRIKS consortium.

What is it ?

This docker provides a fat container running tomcat, solr, Rserve and Postgres, to deliver the transmart web-app.

transmart version

The transmart software currently provided in the master branch is transmart.war.1.2.2.e.fg-fix
as downloaded from

How to use it ?

clone the repository, and type: make run
By default it will bind the docker ports to your computer, then point your browser to: http://localhost:8080/transmart

N.B: If you use boot2docker (e.g. on MacOsX or Windows), use instead the boot2docker ip

how to connect to the Postgres instance running inside the docker

The ports should be forwarded, so that you should be able to connect from your computer:

PGPASSWORD=biomart_user psql transmart -h localhost -U biomart_user

actual deployment

in a real-life deployment, a lot of files should actually be written on the host or in a data volume:

  • the database files (currently in /var/lib/postgresql/tablespaces)
  • the logs: in /var/logs/ and /var/log/supervisor/
  • the data files (CEL files): ?


I used the installation instructions from here:


To be able to connect from the host computer, I had to mess with postgresql.conf and pg_hba.conf in

solr port

We had to set the solr port in /usr/share/tomcat7/.grails/transmartConfig/Config.groovy

supervisor: for running services

In a docker, quite often we can not use the normal startup scripts.
I used supervisor as a simple way to start the required services, have a look at supervisord.conf to check it.

Troubleshooting, TODO

Sample Details not working

I get an endless "Loading" message.

pdi-ce-4.4.0-stable.tar.gz quite huge

the transmart-data could probably try to avoid this big download.

split the docker into many sub-dockers

Instead of a big monolithic container, we could use one for the database, one for solR, one for solR.

reduce the overall size

It is currently probably overweighted.

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