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Get up and running fast to help develop Quasar-framework!
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Quasar Development with Docker

If you'd like to help develop Quasar and you use Docker for your development environment, we offer a docker-compose.yml and a dockerfile to get you started.

Steps to use the quasarframework/quasar-dev container:

  1. At this point, you should be in a clone of the quasarframework/quasar repo on your local machine and you should have Docker installed and running.

  2. In your shell console of choice, run

    docker-compose up -d

    This will build and run the Quasar docker container in detached mode.

  3. Once the container is built, enter

    docker-compose exec quasar-dev sh

  4. You should now be in the /opt/app directory within the container. Since the docker up command and subsequent building of the container also ran npm install for you, using the package.jsonon your local computer, you now only need to run

    npm run dev

Have fun programming on Quasar!

Changing dependencies

If you have changed dependencies, (i.e. added a package to package.json) you can rebuild the quasar-dev container with the following command in your local machine's console (not the exec shell).

docker-compose build

Theoretically, you could also use npm install <package> in the exec shell, however you'd be adding the new package(s) outside the container's cached layer, which means subsequent installs will take longer. We recommend adding your dependencies directly in package.json and rebuilding the container.

Please also note, adding dependencies is currently frowned upon. Please check with Razvan in the Quasar forum or on the Gitter channel, before adding any new dependencies.

That's it! Hope you enjoy the container.

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