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SWIG Go bindings for libtorrent-rasterbar
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SWIG Go bindings for libtorrent-rasterbar

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  • CamelCased identifier names
  • peer_info support
  • save and load resume_data support
  • crashes on Android ARM fixed

Download and Build

  • First, you need Docker and golang

  • Create Go home folder and set $GOPATH environment variable:

      mkdir ~/go
      export GOPATH=~/go
  • Download libtorrent-go:

      go get
      cd ~/go/src/
  • Next, you need to prepare Docker environments. You can do it with two ways:

      make envs

    This will download and build all needed development packages and could take hours. But it can be necessary if you want to make your own customizations.

    You can also prepare specific environments like so:

      make env PLATFORM=android-arm
  • Build libtorrent-go:

      cd ~/go/src/
      make [ android-arm | darwin-x64 | linux-x86 | linux-x64 | linux-arm | windows-x86 | windows-x64 ]

    To build libtorrent bindings for all platforms use make or specify needed platform, e.g. make android-arm.
    Built packages will be placed under ~/go/pkg/<platform>


Docker Pull Command