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Adaptive computational fluid dynamics
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What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is a set of computational tools that enables research and numerical analysis in fluid dynamics. At this time it is a test-bed to experiment with various algorithms using fully asynchronous runtime systems.


The images in this repository are configured for a single computer, and thus intended to quickly try the executables (:alpine) or setup a complete development environment (:debian) on a multi-core workstation. For production runs on clusters of networked compute nodes you should build from source, see the README or one of the docker files for instructions.



  • Purpose: Containerized release (minimalistic container with static executables)
  • Operating system: Alpine Linux, install additional packages using apk
  • Use:
    1. Run the container on your local machine:
      docker run -ti quinoacomputing/quinoa:alpine
    2. Run executables inside the container, e.g.,
      charmrun +p4 inciter


  • Purpose: Simple development environment (system-wide GNU compilers, OpenMPI, and libraries)
  • Operating system: Debian Linux, install additional packages using apt-get
  • Use:
    1. Clone on your local (host) machine:
      git clone
    2. Run the container mounting the clone from the host:
      docker run -v $PWD/quinoa:/quinoa -ti quinoacomputing/quinoa:debian
    3. Develop inside the container:
      cd /quinoa; ...
      Remember to chown -R <uid>:<gid> /quinoa inside the container after you make changes, where <uid> and <gid> are your user and group ids outside the container.
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