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HOMER 5 Docker Image
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HOMER 5 Docker

A simple recipe to bring up a quick, self-contained Homer5 instance:

  • debian/jessie (base image)
  • Kamailio4.x:9060 (sipcapture module)
  • Apache2/PHP5:80 (homer ui/api)
  • MySQL5.6/InnoDB:3306 (homer db/data)


  • Initial working prototype - Testing Needed!

Pull latest

docker pull qxip/homer-docker

Run latest

docker run -tid --name homer5 -p 80:80 -p 9060:9060/udp qxip/homer-docker

Running with a local MySQL

By default, the container runs with a local instance of MySQL running. It may be of interest to run MySQL with a host directory mounted as a volume for MySQL data. This will help with keeping persistent data if you need to stop & remove the running container. (Which would otherwise delete the MySQL, without a mounted volume)

You can run this container with a volume like so:

docker run -it -v /tmp/homermysql/:/var/lib/mysql --name homer5 -p 80:80 -p 9060:9060/udp dougbtv/homer5

Running with an external MySQL

If you'd like to run with an external MySQL, pass in the host information for the remote MySQL as entrypoint parameters at the end of your docker run command.

docker run -tid --name homer5 -p 80:80 -p 9060:9060/udp qxip/homer-docker --dbhost --dbuser homer_user -dbpass homer_password

Entrypoint Parameters

Homer5 Docker parameters:

    --dbpass -p             MySQL password (homer_password)
    --dbuser -u             MySQL user (homer_user)
    --dbhost -h             MySQL host ( [docker0 bridge])
    --mypass -P             MySQL root local password (secret)
    --hep    -H             Kamailio HEP Socket port (9060)

Local Build & Test

git clone; cd homer-docker
docker build --tag="qxip/homer-docker:local" ./
docker run -t -i qxip/homer-docker:local --name homer5
docker exec -it homer5 bash
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