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A simple HTTP server for quickly sharing files.
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Quickserve is a very simple HTTP server written in Python that is intended for quickly sharing files on an ad-hoc basis. Aside from opening a port in your firewall if you have one, quickserve requires no set-up and should work with no hassle.

Quickserve can serve single files or entire directories by simply passing it paths on the command line. It can also accept a list of files to share with the "--filelist" option. It is even possible to enable uploads using the "--upload" option, which accepts a directory path as its argument.


  • Simple (simple to use, simple to understand the code)
  • Support for file and filter lists
  • Upload support
  • HTTP Digest Authentication
  • HTTPS with client certificates for secure connections
  • Multicast support for automatic detection of other Quickserve servers


As of quickserve-2013, the backend has been completely rewritten and moved to python3-threaded_servers.

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