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Donctainer for Teamspeak 3 Sinusbot.
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Debian Jessie with Sinusbot by Michael Friese.
TeamSpeak 3 SinusBot Homepage:


  • Sinusbot Beta Version
  • Debian Jessie with the latest version of Sinusbot
  • You can inject your data into the container
    • /data



The default UID of the user which is used in the container is 3000.
So if you mount a directory from your host you have to set the permission to the user with the UID of 3000.

useradd -u 3000 sinusbot
chown -R sinusbot:sinusbot /data/sinusbot

Or if you dont want to create an user just use

chown -R 3000:3000 /data/sinusbot

Mount host directory

docker run --name sinusbot -d -v /data/sinusbot:/sinusbot/data -p 8087:8087 raaaimund/docker-sinusbot-beta:latest


If your host uses SELinux it may be necessary to use the :z option:

docker run --name sinusbot -d -v /data/sinusbot:/sinusbot/data:z -p 8087:8087 raaaimund/docker-sinusbot-beta:latest
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Comments (2)
a year ago

OK, I have figured it out. There is a little problem with the password provided in the log, probably some parsing error.
The log says:
Generating new bot instance with account 'admin' and password 'fURPeH7d'

But the actual password is 'fURPeH7d'.

I noticed some characters repeating in the password each time I reset the container, so i deducted that they probably do not belong there.

a year ago

I am having a problem logging into web interface. Password "foobar" is not working, and looking at the container log i saw a line telling me the first-time password, but that one is not working as well.

Using your repo on Synology DSM docker.