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Power and Thermal monitoring for hardware resources in a datacenter environment is one of the major challenges for hardware administrator in converged and hyper converged environment. Administrators want to manage the power consumption by nodes or by rack.
Setting power capping on an individual node or set of nodes will ensure the power consumption is under control and monitored.
This Dell Server Power and Thermal Microservice will enable an administrator to monitor and manage power and thermal consumption by node or set of nodes within their racks.
The microservice is available at dockerhub as a docker image to download and run.

How to Install

Under Construction. Docker container not yet published on DockerHub.....

-sudo docker pull rackhd/dell-powerthermal-monitoring

-sudo docker run rackhd/dell-powerthermal-monitoring

These two commands will download and run microservice on port 46019 within Docker. The microservice will make available REST APIs for power and thermal monitoring on Dell servers
The microservice port can be mapped to a different port on hosting e.g. running a docker container on host with mapped ports.

-- sudo docker run -p 8080:46019 rackhd/dell-powerthermal-monitoring

API Usage

After the micro service is running, the service exposes REST APIs for consumption by your application or script.
These REST API accept requests and return responses in the JSON format.
Swagger-UI based documentation has been added to the service and should be available for use when the service is up and running.

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' 'http://hostIP:8080/api/1.0/version'
curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' -d '{"serverAddress":"", "userName": "" , "password": ""}' 'http://<<HostIP>>:8080/api/1.0/powerthermal'



This docker microservice is available under the Apache 2.0 License.

Source code for this microservice is available in repositories at

The microservice makes use of dependent Jar libraries that may be covered by other licenses. In order to comply with the requirements of applicable licenses, the source for dependent libraries used by this microservice is available for download at:

This product may be distributed with open source code, licensed to you in accordance with the applicable open source license. If you would like a copy of any such source code, Dell EMC will provide a copy of the source code that is required to be made available in accordance with the applicable open source license. Dell EMC may charge reasonable shipping and handling charges for such distribution. Please direct requests in writing to Dell EMC Legal, 176 South St., Hopkinton, MA 01748, ATTN: Open Source Program Office.

Additionally the binary and source jars for all dependent libraries are available for download on Maven Central.


Please file bugs and issues at the GitHub issues page. The code and documentation are released with no warranties or SLAs and are intended to be supported through a community driven process.

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