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Connects via the IDRAC on a Dell server and collects a comprehensive inventory.
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The dell-server-inventory container is a stateless spring-boot microservice that exposes a REST API for the purpose of returning a comprehensive JSON formatted inventory of a Dell 11th generation and newer server.

The service can be called without a callback URL in order to run synchronously. If a callback URL is provided in the payload, the service will return immediately and post to the callback URL when the results are available.

How to Use


Standalone, with no configuration settings provided:

docker run --name service-server-inventory -p -d rackhd/dell-server-inventory:latest

The service can also start up to bootstrap its configuration from consul. More information about registration with and using advanced configuration settings provided by a Consul K/V store can be found in the online help.

API Definitions

A swagger UI is provided by the microservice at http://<ip>:46011/swagger-ui.html

Syncronous API's
  • http://<<ip>>:46011/api/1.0/server/inventory/hardware
  • http://<<ip>>:46011/api/1.0/server/inventory/software
  • http://<<ip>>:46011/api/1.0/server/inventory/nics
  • http://<<ip>>:46011/api/1.0/server/inventory/summary
  • http://<<ip>>:46011/api/1.0/server/inventory/boot
  • http://<<ip>>:46011/api/1.0/server/inventory/bios
  • http://<<ip>>:46011/api/1.0/server/inventory/logs/get/SEL
  • http://<<ip>>:46011/api/1.0/server/inventory/logs/get/LC
Example Post (Without Callback)
  "address": "<<Target IDRAC IP>>",
  "password": "calvin",
  "userName": "root"
Asyncronous API's
  • http://<<ip>>:46011/api/1.0/server/inventory/callback
Example Post (With Callback)
  "credential": {
    "address": "<<Target IDRAC IP>>",
    "password": "calvin",
    "userName": "root"
  "callbackUri": "http://<<ip>>:<<port>>/your/callback/path",
  "type": "hardware"
supported callback types are {hardware, software, nics, summary, boot and bios}


This docker microservice is available under the Apache 2.0 License.

Source code for this microservice is available in repositories at

The microservice makes use of dependent Jar libraries that may be covered by other licenses. In order to comply with the requirements of applicable licenses, the source for dependent libraries used by this microservice is available for download at:

This product may be distributed with open source code, licensed to you in accordance with the applicable open source license. If you would like a copy of any such source code, Dell EMC will provide a copy of the source code that is required to be made available in accordance with the applicable open source license. Dell EMC may charge reasonable shipping and handling charges for such distribution. Please direct requests in writing to Dell EMC Legal, 176 South St., Hopkinton, MA 01748, ATTN: Open Source Program Office.

Additionally the binary and source jars for all dependent libraries are available for download on Maven Central.


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