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Provides a TFTP service integrated into the workflow engine for RackHD
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on-tftp provides a TFTP service integrated into the workflow engine for RackHD

Copyright 2015, EMC, Inc.


On Tftp Server


rm -rf node_modules
npm install


Note: requires MongoDB and RabbitMQ to be running to start correctly.

sudo node index.js


To run tests from a developer console:

npm test

To run tests and get coverage for CI:

# verify hint/style
./node_modules/.bin/jshint -c .jshintrc --reporter=checkstyle lib index.js > checkstyle-result.xml || true
./node_modules/.bin/istanbul cover -x "**/spec/**" _mocha -- $(find spec -name '*-spec.js') -R xunit-file --require spec/helper.js
./node_modules/.bin/istanbul report cobertura
# if you want HTML reports locally
./node_modules/.bin/istanbul report html


Unversioned packages are built automatically from travis-ci and uploaded to Using
this repository is detailed in the docs.

Build scripts are placed in the extra/ directory.

  • .travis.yml will call the appropriate scripts in extra/ to build an unversioned package.
  • extra/ can be used to install system level packages in a Ubuntu system.
  • extra/ will perform all the necessary build steps to generate a version package.

If you want to build your own versioned packages, you can use the Vagrantfile provided in extra/. Simply perform vagrant up and it will run all the necessary steps.

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