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Small Python 3 development environment
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docker run -it radiovan/python
And it is good idea to attach some folders to container using -v option.


This image based on Alpine and includes:
– Python 3.5.2 (gcc 5.3.0)
– vim 7.4 (huge version without gui)
– customised ~/.vimrc with some plugins

Here is vim plugins list:
– Vundle (plugin manager)
– Fugitive (git integration)
– NERDTree (filemanager)
– Ultisnips (snippets manager)
– EasyMotion (fast moving across code)
– Multiple cursors (aka SublimeText feature)
– Airline (improved statusbar, with themes)
– Conque-term (allows to run code in buffer)
– Python-mode (lint, refactoring, etc)
All plugins taken from github repos, which could be found in ~/.vimrc. Many thanks to their authors for their awesome work.

Other tweaks for vim:
– syntax highlighting
– search results highlighting
– line numbers

Keybindings in vim:
– leader = \
– double spacebar = double leader (useful for EasyMotions)
– spacebar = leader
– leader+b = run shell in new buffer (split screen)
– leader+p = run Python3 interpreter in new buffer (split screen)
– leader+Enter = run current file in Python3 interpreter in new buffer (split screen)
– leader+o = open NERDTree (file tree in new split screen buffer)

PLEASE NOTE: this is 1.0 version, something like a beta. Some vim plugins are turned off. Also I made this image for my personal needs, so keymapping and other preferences are tweaked as I preferred. I'll improve this image in feature (cleanup unused plugins, make Dockerfile, etc).

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