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monocular api development environment with go dependencies.
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Monocular is a part of the Helm project and aims to provide a way to search for and discover apps that have been packaged in Helm
Charts. Monocular includes a scanning back-end for indexing charts and their metadata and a simple user interface.

A monocular is a single-lensed telescope, and perhaps a twee synonym for the kind of kit that would be useful when inspecting a disordered stack of nautical charts, like a magnifying glass or microscope with a spyglass aesthetic. Its adjectival form suggests a Cyclops, with whom Oddysseus was definitely on familiar terms; and its closest synonym is monocle, a well-worn accoutrement of Victorian Great Britain, surely the greatest of all naval empires. kubernetes indeed.

As with The Beatles, some things are better in mono.

See Monocular in action at or click here to learn more about Helm, Charts and Kubernetes.


App Structure

Monocular comprises a UI front end, and a RESTFul HTTP back end API.

UI Prerequisites

The UI is an angular 2 client application located in src/ui/.

More UI docs are here.

API Prerequisites

The API is a golang HTTP server located in src/api/.

Makefile assumes docker for containerized development; and glide for dependency enforcement.

cd src/api/ && make bootstrap will launch a docker container, and run a glide install command to install all API dependencies in the src/api/vendor/ directory.

More API docs are here.

Running a development environment

We leverage docker (via docker-compose) to provide a multi-tier setup for development.

Running docker-compose up from the root directory will expose:

  • API backend endpoint via http://{your-docker-machine-ip-address}:8080
  • UI frontend via http://{your-docker-machine-ip-address}:4200


  • If your Docker Machine hostname is different than localhost, you need to change
    the backendHostname value in the file src/ui/src/app/shared/services/config.service.ts.

You can restart individual services doing docker-compose restart api|ui

Deploy in Kubernetes

More information on how to deploy your own instance of Monocular in Kubernetes here.


This project is still under active development, so you'll likely encounter issues.

Please participate by filing issues or contributing a pull request!

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