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Sia Daemon
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Simple wrapper for Siacoin Daemon.
Built mostly for development.

Warning do not use this on production.

API proxy

siad has a silly way of exposing its API. It's possible to define address on which API server should listen (--api-addr) however when it's different than default user needs to pass --authenticate-api and --disable-api-security options.

--authenticate-api requires password which can be set only by user input (can't use env variables or STDIN).

This means that running daemon inside Docker container may be quite a problem.

For this reason I created simple Node.js proxy which bypasses security requirements.
Node running this image should be considered insecure.

Running deamon

Container has exposed ports 9980, 9981, 9982 which are proxied to according ports of siad (api, rpc, host).

Daemon data are stored in a VOLUME /siad/data. I suggest to map this volume to local directory - thanks to this blockchain sync will be faster on next runs. Also note that ANY change done in siad (like unlocked wallet) will be stored there.

Running container:

docker run -it --rm -v "${PWD}/siad-data:/siad/data" -p 9980:9980 radmen/siad

Check status:

curl -A "Sia-Agent" "http://{}:9980/consensus"

Supported options

It's possible to pass some options to siad:

docker run -it --rm -v "${PWD}/siad-data:/siad/data" -p 9980:9980 radmen/siad -M cghrtw

By default I wanted to allow passing all siad options but it didn't make sense so siad options list is limited to:

  • --agent
  • --modules/-M (default: cgtw)
  • --no-bootstrap
  • --profile
  • --profile-directory

Building image

Due to usage of multi-stage builds it's required to have Docker with minimum version 17.05.

To build image:

docker build . -t radmen/siad
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