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A container for displaying a hystrix dashboard in a kubernetes environment
Full Description

This container will allow you to start a hystrix dashboard to display hystrix stream produced by an hystrix cluster deployed as a kubernetes service.
hystrix dashboard and turbine which is the stream aggregator are deployed on tomcat.
This container needs the following environment variables:

  • namespace: this is the namespace under which the service kubernetes runs.
  • selector_key: this is the key of the selector that will, be used to get the list of pods.
  • selector_value: this is the balue of the selector that will be used to get the list of pods.
  • hystrix_cluster_name: this is the name of the cluster under which turbine will publish the aggregated data. For example if you cluster name is bob, you'll be able to retrieve the data at ??

If you run this container inside a kubernetes cluster the fabric8 kuebernetes client should be able to initialize itself. if you're running this library outside a kubernetes cluster you will need to set additional environment variables in order to initialize the kuebernetes client as described here.

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