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Container with go and glide to run glide and manage project dependencies
Full Description

Golang glide container

This is golang 1.8 container with glide 0.12.3 built from source and compiled into a binary.


 docker build . -t rajdeol/golang-glide

Use as command line :

docker run --rm \
    --name=glide-$$ \
    -v $(pwd):/path-of-your-project \
# required if private repositiories are added in the glide.yml file
    -v ~/.ssh/id_rsa:/root/.ssh/id_rsa \
    -v ~/.ssh/ \
    -v ~/.ssh/known_hosts:/root/.ssh/known_hosts \
    -w "/path-of-your-project" \
    rajdeol/golang-glide ${*}
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