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.NET Framework Docker Samples

This repo contains samples that demonstrate various .NET Framework Docker configurations, which you can use as the basis of your own Docker images. These samples depend on the .NET Framework Docker images on Docker Hub, provided by the .NET Team at Microsoft.

Docker uses docker/whalesay as a getting started sample. The .NET Framework Team at Microsoft uses dotnetbot, which is the mascot for .NET open source projects. Got something to say? Both whalesay and dotnetbot are great listeners.

You can pick the sample that best fits the scenario you are interested in. The instructions for each sample describe how to target Windows.

You need to have the Docker for Windows client client installed to use these samples.


The following samples show different ways to use .NET Framework images.

Supported Windows Server 2016 Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) amd64 tags

Supported Windows Server 2016 amd64 tags

Note: .NET Core multi-arch tags, such as 2.0-runtime, have been updated to use nanoserver-1709 images if your host is Windows Server 1709 or higher or Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Version 1709) or higher. You need Docker 17.10 or later to take advantage of these updated tags.

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