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Mesos container for java apps with newrelic and tools.
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Rally's standard Docker image definitions (i.e. Dockerfiles)


Docker images will be hosted by Artifactory at See wiki page: Artifactory as our Docker Registry.

These are all built and pushed to artifactory manually or via the instructions at the end of the README

Running Docker

Have docker installed on your machine.

for linux, install at least version 1.6 (1.9 is the current one).
for mac, install docker for mac.

Docker login for the push step

to create a login (needs to be done only once). It will generate a ~/.docker/config.json file on the users' home directory.
Create or get your Artifactory (aka credentials using this guide

$ docker login

Docker create image locally

To create a docker image, you need these steps:

  1. go into the right directory (the one with a Dockerfile)
  2. run docker build to build the image.

    $ docker build --tag <container-name> <source-directory>

Push container to artifactory

To push a docker container to artifactory, follow these steps:

  1. Create a PR for your Dockerfile change
  2. find all current tags for your container using curl <username>:<password><container name>/tags/list | grep tags
  3. After the PR is reviewed, make a comment like: push version <version number> (existing versions will not be overwritten and the job will fail)

NOTE: the container name will follow the directory structure of this repo. For example, this file
will produce a container named "java8/sbt_0.13.8"


When running on Mesos using Marathon, you will need provide credentials to the docker inside Mesos.

For that, please refer to mesos-apps repo.

Docker Pull Command
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