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Neo4j based on the official version.
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Rally's standard Docker image definitions (i.e. Dockerfiles)

DO NOT FORK - push branches to this repo


Docker images will be hosted by Docker Hub, because they will automatically build the Docker images and make it easy to use them.

The java-app and the mongodb-java-app are built - manually for now - and pushed to artifactory.

Running Docker

Have docker installed on your machine.

for linux, install at least version 1.6 (1.9 is the current one).
for mac, there's a vm with docker in linux to work with

Docker login for the push step

to create a login (needs to be done only once). It will generate a ~/.docker/config.json file on the users' home directory.
Create or get credentials with the Ops team or Moto Ohno.


# docker login &lt;registry-name&gt;

docker login <artifactory host> 


Docker create image (and push)

To create a docker image, you need these steps:
1- go into the right directory (the one with a Dockerfile)
2- run docker build to build the image.
3- push your image to the registry. This step needs write permissions on the registry. Docker login will configure that, provided you have the credentials.


cd <path-to-where-the-Dockerfile-is>

docker build --tag <tag-name> <source-directory>

docker push <image-id> <tag-name> 


E.g., building mongo-java-app with "version" tag 8. Note that if the "version" is not provided, it defaults to latest.


MYTAG=<artifactory host>/mongo-java-app:8

cd mesos-java-app

docker build --tag $MYTAG .

docker push $MYTAG



When running on Mesos using Marathon, you will need provide credentials to the docker inside Mesos.

For that, please refer to mesos-apps repo.

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