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Image with installed and ready to use OpenStack Rally
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OpenStack is, undoubtedly, a really huge ecosystem of cooperative services.

Rally is a benchmarking tool that answers the question: “How does OpenStack work at scale?”.

To make this possible, Rally automates and unifies multi-node OpenStack deployment, cloud verification, benchmarking & profiling. Rally does it in a generic way, making it possible to check whether OpenStack is going to work well on, say, a 1k-servers installation under high load. Thus it can be used as a basic tool for an OpenStack CI/CD system that would continuously improve its SLA, performance and stability.

How to

Setup Docker (if you don't have it)

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install
sudo usermod -a -G docker `id -u -n` # add yourself to docker group
exit   # it's important to re-login

Prepare env for Rally

Rally requires external directory for keeping results. Otherwise all results will be purge after exiting

# Note: these dirs should be accessible by docker container user
mkdir ~/rally_home
sudo chown 65500 ~/rally_home

Pulling Rally image and running container

docker pull rallyforge/rally

docker run -t -i -v ~/rally_home:/home/rally rallyforge/rally
# this will open bash  inside container with rally 

Make an alias to simplify life

echo 'alias dock_rally="docker run -t -i -v ~/rally_home:/home/rally rallyforge/rally"' >> ~/.bashrc

# now executing ``dock_rally`` alias you got bash running inside container with rally installed

First Rally run

# Run bash to start and login to Rally container

# Before running Rally we should create it's DB
# Run this command only first time! otherwise you will purge your results 
rally-manage db recreate   

# Will ask you to create new deployment 
rally deployment list

# For future step take a look at  [step by step guide]


Running as a root

docker run -u root -t -i rallyforge/rally

# Note that all changes will be discard after closing session
# to keep changes you will need to commit image 


Documentation contains a lot of useful information that helps to to use Rally more effectively. So when you finish all installation steps take a look at our [step by step guide]


#openstack-rally on freenode
key persons: boris-42, redixin, msdubov, andreykurilin, amaretsky

###Mailing List

Note that subject should have next format:
[openstack-dev][rally] <your subject>

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