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Short Description
A global HipChat add-on for adding or removing karma to people and things.
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A global HipChat add-on for adding or removing karma to people and things.

Install Me


  /karma                 print this help message
  /karma :enable         enable karma matching in the current room
  /karma :disable        disable karma matching in the current room
  /karma :top things     show the top 10 things
  /karma :bottom things  show the bottom 10 things
  /karma :top users      show the top 10 users
  /karma :bottom users   show the bottom 10 users
  /karma thing           lookup thing's current karma
  /karma @MentionName    lookup a user's current karma by @MentionName
  thing++                add 1 karma to thing
  thing++++              add 3 karma to thing (count(+) - 1, max 5)
  thing--                remove 1 karma from thing
  thing----              remove 3 karma from thing (count(-) - 1, max 5)
  "subject phrase"++     add 1 karma to a subject phrase
  @MentionName++         add 1 karma to a user by @MentionName

Run Karma yourself with Docker

This is an experimental way for you to run Karma yourself using Docker (i.e. "Behind the Firewall" with HipChat Server)


  1. git clone


  1. cd ac-koa-hipchat-karma
  2. sudo docker build -t atlassian_labs/karma:latest .


  1. sudo docker run --name karma-mongo --detach mongo:2.6
  2. sudo docker logs karma-mongo
  3. sudo docker run --name karma --detach --link karma-mongo:mongo --publish 3020:3020 -e NODE_ENV="production"
    -e LOCAL_BASE_URL="http://your-docker-host-fqdn:3020" -e PORT=3020 atlassian_labs/karma:latest
  4. sudo docker logs karma
  5. Verify you see a valid capabilities.json returned from http://your-docker-host-fqdn:3020/addon/capabilities


  1. Integrate your Docker-Karma with your HipChat account with (or -> Manage (tab) -> Install an integration from a descriptor URL: http://your-docker-host-fqdn:3020/addon/capabilities
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