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Running VND on Docker
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##VND (SDN version)

Visual Network Description – VND (SDN version) is a web-based graphical user interface for the authoring of generic network scenarios which allows the automatic generation of NSDL, and can be further applied for the simulation and analysis of these scenarios. The VND (SDN version) allows the authoring of Software Defined Network experiments and the automatic generation of Mininet and Openflow Controllers Scripts besides generating NSDL files. These scripts are related to network scenarios, flow tables, and QoS configurations created in a simple and friendly GUI.

The VND (SDN version) aims at faciliting the creation of general network scenarios (experiments) for further simulation under different OpenFlow tools, such as mininet. For this purpose, VND (SDN version) exports Python scripts for the description of rules and flow tables in order to be executed on Openflow Controllers. Further interoperability is also provided by the automatic generation of NSDL, which can be imported by any NSDL-compliant simulation and analysis tool. The VND´s (SDN version) main target public area novice professionals, students and also expert SDN developers. Its main features are:

  • Authoring of SDN Network Scenarios via GUI.
  • Automatic creation of Mininet Scripts.
  • Automatic creation of Openflow Controllers Scripts.
  • Automatic creation of NSDL files.

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##Running the Container

###On terminal: docker run -it --name=vnd ramonfontes/vnd:v1

###Looking for Container IP Address: ifconfig

###Go to a web browser and open: http://youripaddress/vnd/bin-debug/main.html

Docker Pull Command