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GOCD Server Docker Image
Full Description

GOCD Server Docker Image

Alpine based Docker Container for gocd server

Build Docker Image

Build Image

make build


export http_proxy, https_proxy and no_proxy for build time proxy settings.

Push Image to registry

make push

Build and Push

make release

Build Arguments

http_proxy http proxy
https_proxy https proxy
no_proxy no proxy
GOCD_VERSION Gocd Version to build. Default to 17.10.0
UID UID for go user. Default to 1000
GID GID for go group. Default to 1000
LANG LANG settings. Defaults to en_AU.utf8
GOCD_URL URL to download the gocd release from. Default to
GOCD_GIT_SHA Sha for the gocd image. Default to 05598d88fd4dabdde1184faa4fbffc5f9406d0dc

Pull Image

You can pull the prebuilt docker image using

docker pull ramz/gocd-server:17.10.0

Run Image

docker run -d -p8153:8153 -p8154:8154 ramz/gocd-server:17.10.0

Runtime Configs

The GoCD server will store all configuration, pipeline history database, artifacts, plugins, and logs into /godata. If you'd like to provide secure credentials like SSH private keys among other things, you can mount /home/go

docker run -v /path/to/godata:/godata -v /path/to/home-dir:/home/go ramz/gocd-server:17.10.0

Directory Structure

The GoCD server runs as the go user, the location of the various directories is:

Directory Description
/godata/addons the directory where GoCD addons are stored
/godata/artifacts the directory where GoCD artifacts are stored
/godata/config the directory where the GoCD configuration is store
/godata/db the directory where the GoCD database and configuration change history is stored
/godata/logs the directory where GoCD logs will be written out to
/godata/plugins the directory containing GoCD plugins
/home/go the home directory for the GoCD server
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