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Plex Server running in a container. The default paths have been altered to:

  • /config
  • /media

Plex runs with the HTTP RPC interface listening on TCP port 32400.


I use a NAS with a "media" share with the following structure:

  • Media
  • Media\Music
  • Media\Movies
  • Media\Television
  • Media\Photos

The media directory is mounted at /mnt/media, the config directory is located at /etc/docker/plex.


There are two options for running Plex, the first is slightly insecure but simpler and what I use. This first option uses --net=host which bypasses normal Docker network security and allows the container to attached directly to the host network.

docker run -d --restart always --net=host --name plex -v /etc/docker/plex-test:/config -v /mnt/media:/media -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro -p 32400:32400 randomparity/docker-plex

The second and more secure option is as follows:

docker run -d --restart always -h plex --name plex -v /etc/docker/plex-test:/config -v /mnt/media:/media -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro -p 32400:32400 randomparity/docker-plex

For this second option an additional configuration step is required.


Then open http://<docker host IP>:32400/web/ in a browser.

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